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Interior design has become a part of our day-to-day life. It’s not just the Aesthetic value, but also the identity that adds to the appeal. However, it can be a painful task to design your own space. You will have to bring together the best people who specialize in each job and implement the Design with Perfection.

The failure to do any of them may impact the overall output and make you pay more than what you’ve planned for. Fortunately, you can avoid all this by opting for turnkey interior solutions by Shalom Design Studio. Having a single point of contact gives you better control over tasks. There is no need to deal with multiple contractors. We can take care of everything, from the initial draft to the Finishing touch!

Why Choose Our Turnkey Interior Design Services?

Smooth implementation.

You are in a better position to explain your requirements to Shalom Design Studio as your turnkey provider than to multiple contractors. This ensures proper alignment and successful execution of the plan. Remember, combining the aesthetic, functional, and ergonomic components is key to designing a productive work environment or lovely home space. This can only be achieved with good supervision which we can provide.

On-time delivery

You can’t rely on multiple contractors to do the job for you in an estimated time. There’s a chance you may get disappointed due to substandard work that may require further enhancement. As a result, there are unnecessary delays and frustration. With a turnkey fit-out, the master plan is created at the very beginning to ensure prompt implementation.


Hiring several contractors with reasonable service charges can be pricy. You may end up paying more for fixes if things go wrong. A single-point contact ensures the design and budget are finalized beforehand to avoid any chances of budget overshooting. As your go-to turnkey interior fit-out company, Shalom Design Studio has pre-fixed rates with vendors, cutting the costs for you as a homeowner or office space owner.
Shalom Design Studio

Invest in the turnkey peace of mind today and reap the rewards for years to come!


WHAT MAKES US THE BEST TURNKEY INTERIOR CONTRACTOR IN NCR SHALOM DESIGN STUDIO is a full-service interior designing firm that specializes in the design, renovation, and construction services.

We carefully oversee projects from the design concept through every detail of the final touch.


We are widely known for successful turnkey interiors in Delhi NCR covering Gurgaon, Noida & Manesar tailored to the client’s architecture and aesthetic needs.


We respect your vision and listen to your requirements. Based on that, we provide suggestions for the final blueprint.

Our aim is to make things happen for you within your budget and ensure there is no scope for compromise in your interior quality.

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