Employees seek flexibility in everything, from a schedule to a work environment. As a business owner, you can’t turn a blind eye to their needs and wants. Whether for a home workplace or office tower, you should create a comfortable and inspiring space for your employees. Shalom Design Studio is your treasure trove of commercial furniture solutions. If you’re interested in boardroom tables, office chairs, or full-height partitions, we can source and arrange all your furniture to perfectly match your layout. Made from lightweight, sustainable materials.  Our modular furniture can be easily moved around to allow for hassle-free rearrangement and experimentation. We can suggest commercial office furniture for sale at affordable prices to ensure your work environment is furnished for freedom and comfort.

We will help you use combined or separate modular pieces to address your employees’ needs and make your office the best workplace. We can help you create a comfortable conference room, equipping it with all the required furnishings. We can design and manufacture if you require conference tables, storage systems, or task chairs.

Add an aesthetic twist to your space with custom office furniture for sale. If off-the-shelf furniture doesn’t cut it, go for bespoke options. As an experienced office furniture manufacturer, Shalom Design Studio can provide everything you need to improve your interior space. We also have cost-effective and stylish workstation systems. Whether your office is large or small, we have the right pieces to elevate its interior design.

Even though a full-time office job implies a 40-hour work week, the number of hours your employees work may increase. In fact, they may end up spending around ten hours per day in their office chairs. If the working conditions are far from perfect with long hours of uncomfortable seating and back pain, job dissatisfaction is hard to avoid. To curb the number of sick days and lost opportunities, turn to Shalom Design Studio, the best modular office furniture manufacturer in Delhi NCR covering Gurgaon, Noida & Manesar and the surrounding areas.

Shalom Design Studio

The Service Is Second To No Other Office Furniture Suppliers

An inviting, well-lit workplace that extends hospitality is the best thing you can set up for your employees. Modular furniture solutions can help you with this as you rearrange pieces to stir up new ideas or leave them as they are to minimize the disruptive effect of change.


Whatever your office and business requirements are, we can meet them all. As a leading modular office furniture manufacturer, Shalom Design Studio has impressive production capacities and a team of genius designers to bring your ideas to life.


Let us furnish your meeting rooms and coworking spaces with amenities typically enjoyed by 7-figure businesses. From executive desks to highly adjustable seating options, we can create a space your employees will be happy to come to.


By furnishing your office with our Furniture, you can leave more people satisfied with where and how they work. You can easily adapt to the ever-changing working landscape without breaking the bank, while your team will have a well-furnished space to swing into more effective action at work.

Modular Office Furniture

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