All You Need to Know About the Different Types of Office Spaces

An office space is a place where we spend most of our time and energy. We see our office colleagues for more hours during the day than our family and friends. So it’s basically the space where most of our youth is exhausted. Half of our life we simply spend by going in and out of several offices. By the time we retire, most of the times we are so used to that work space that we tend to miss it, rather than enjoying our freedom from confinement. This is human nature. Study suggests that most working population spend their time remaining dissatisfied with their work. Some have the courage though, to quit the bonded labour to start something for their own. They enjoy their time in the office contrary to the previous workers who work for someone else in lieu of salary. However, the interesting part is that once they retire, most of them, long to go back to their workstations.

It is not only important to hire good people for running your business, but you have to provide them with proper facilities to ensure that they give their best. Office layout and seating arrangement is one of them.

So now you know why office space is such an important part of our lives. Hence a lot of thinking must be given when you are trying to have an office space of your own. There are different types of office spaces that can be found in the market. We at Shalom Design Studio help you in getting the right one. Read out the list below and choose the one that suits your taste and needs.

Traditional Office

This is the typical office space layout that we all know of. Traditional office spaces are there to exhibit a plush corporate feeling. They are normally located in an individual building. In a traditional office space you have to deal either through brokers or with landlords directly. It can be furnished or unfurnished in nature. If you get the office space in bare shell condition then you need to arrange for all the facilities yourself from scratch, like wiring, electrical connections, internet, seating arrangements etc. In a traditional unfurnished office space if you have the budget then you can customize it as per your wish. You can adopt either free flowing open space design or normal office design comprising of individual cubicles and separate meeting rooms. We at Shalom Design Studio are having mastery in making built to suit office spaces.

Business Centres

Business centres are perfect if your requirements are for smaller office spaces. They are generally one big building which houses many smaller offices located at premium areas of any city. Normally in a business center you get the premium facilities like reception, cafeteria, allotted parking etc. Owing to their operational advantages, the rents for office spaces are competitive when compared to other types of shared office spaces.

Managed Office

Managed offices are more or less similar to business centers. Consists of office buildings that are fully equipped and are managed by facility management team. You don’t have to take any head ache for availing the day to day operational activities like cleaning of the office premises, internet, reception, power back up etc. Everything is looked after by the facility management team.

You can get medium to bigger office space options in the managed office spaces. Another facility is that you can opt for customization if you desire for the same. The biggest advantage of having an office in a business center or managed office is the hassle free transition that you can enjoy if you want to upscale or downscale your seating capacity and office space area requirement.

Shared or Coworking space

Coworking and shared office spaces is the trend of the season. You can avail workstations on per seat model. Coworking and shared office spaces are very popular for the facilities that they offer to the occupants at affordable rates. Here, you will share your office space with persons from other companies. Coworking spaces are dynamic in nature and cater mostly to startups and freelancers. Coworking work spaces are also known as plug n play offices, because you don’t have to arrange anything. Just come, plug in your system and start working. Nowadays many big companies also prefer coworking space when they are starting out at a new location for reducing the operational cost. Coworking spaces provides high speed internet, cafeterias, high end meeting and conference rooms and a community in which every occupant will be a member. The community centers also arrange various events for keeping the spirit alive among the members.

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